The innovative compact polycarbonate roller system is a novelty in our offer and on the market and is intended for companies and individuals for whom safety and aesthetics are very important.

The basic function of the compact polycarbonate roll is to protect the location, but it also makes it possible to show the space inside.

The compact polycarbonate rolls are the ideal solution that combine aesthetics with solid and durable technology for interior protection.

Do you have a project?

Possible fields of application for the compact polycarbonate roll:

Residential(Terraces, gazebos, garages)

Industrial(Malls, supermarkets, halls)

Hospitality sector

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Technical details:

Aluminum box beveled at 45, dimensions: 300mm (h<2750) or 350 mm (h>2750), thickness of 0.95mm
Side covers made from galvanized steel: 300 x 300mm, 350 x 350mm
Solid polycarbonate carpet of 4mm
Carpet weight: 7.5kg/m2
Galvanized metal shaft of 70mm (1.2mm) or 102 mm (2mm)
Shaft ends, bearings, fastening systems, metal bearings.
Aluminum guide: 75mm x 27mm If you have empty dimensions for calculation or order, add 300/350 in height and 150mm in width

Colors and completion time

Standard colors: white, dark brown (Ral8019), anthracite gray (Ral7016)
Painting is added for other colors from the RAL palette.
Electric operation with 2 remote controls is included in the price.

Delivery time

10 working days (standard color)
20 working days (painting)
Architects and engineers demand reliable, lightweight, and reasonably priced materials. All these requirements are combined in this product.

No other material could replace compact polycarbonate in safety applications. Compact polycarbonate sheets are practically indestructible. Half the weight of glass, they offer ease of use and transport.

Great combination of resistance to impact and translucence.

It is 200 times stronger than glass and virtually indestructible. The polycarbonate compact film is resistant to severe impacts and is often referred to as the “unbreakable glass”. These features make it ideal for anti-theft applications.

One of the most important features of the compact polycarbonate is that it keeps UV rays away and allows light to pass through.

The compact polycarbonate sheets are not affected by UV rays due to the UV absorption layer applied to the sheet, and they retain their properties for years in harsh outdoor conditions.

Compact polycarbonate sheets have a much higher temperature resistance than other similar products on the market. They are suitable for continuous use up to 120 C.

The compact polycarbonate sheets are fire resistant and have B1 combustion class. In order for the board to catch fire and begin to burn, it should be exposed to an uninterrupted source of flame for a certain period of time. When the flame source is removed, it automatically extinguishes, it does not continue to burn.